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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Company in Lexington, KY

The Wildcat Clean Team, LLC is a local cleaning service based out of Lexington, Kentucky that provides deep cleans for move out and move in clients and businesses at an affordable rate. We have professional grade equipment and products to make sure we do the best job possible! After our work is complete, we do a final walk-through of the area with you to ensure you are happy with the quality of work!

Why Choose Wildcat Clean Team?

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services in Lexington, KY

Wildcat Clean Team is a proud partner of The Wildcat Group and sister company to Wildcat Moving. For home and office, our specialty move-in and move-out deep cleaning service is the perfect complement to every move!

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Wildcat Moving customers receive a 10% discount on Clean Team's hourly rate!


Wildcat Clean Team charges an affordable, straightforward hourly rate that allows customers to better control the cost of the service. We start the clock when we arrive on site and stop at the customer's wish. We have a two-hour minimum on most jobs and prorate by the minute after that...we don't round up! 

2 Specially-Trained Cleaners: $100/HR*

3 Specially-Trained Cleaners: $140/HR*

4 Specially-Trained Cleaners: $200/HR*

Additional $10/HR Friday-Sunday

Number of Cleaners Suggested by Square Footage

2000 square feet and below

2001-5000 square feet

Over 5000 square feet

2 Specially-Trained Cleaners

3 Specially-Trained Cleaners

4 Specially-Trained Cleaners

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